Where are you based and do you travel?

We're based in San Diego, California, and photograph weddings regularly within the SoCal area. Travel is always fun and something we love to do! So, if you would like to hire us for a wedding ouside of the SoCal area, it will require a travel fee that is calculated based on the location of the event.

But no worries, we always try to find the most economic way to make it there, and do all we can to accommodate your needs!

How are your prices determined?

This is a question photographers get asked quite frequently, and we’re always happy to answer it.

While it may seem as though our job is simply to show up for a few hours and snap images with a nice camera, this is far from the reality. Our sessions begin with a large investment of time and resource into a new client, including consultations and session planning. We also typically visit the session location at least once before the shoot to pick out the best spots and gauge lighting conditions.

On the day of the session, we arrive quite early, perform the photoshoot, and leave late. We then immediately return to our studio and upload the raw images to secure back-up systems.

Then the real work begins! We spend hours hand-retouching each image to bring it from raw material to a presentation-ready work of art. Extreme care is taken to preserve skin tones, enhance color, crop, and polish your images so they may look their absolute best. By the time the images are delivered to you, they are truly custom works of art.

For every hour spent during an actual photo session, we spend many, many more on pre-planning and post production. We also only use the highest caliber of equipment on a strict maintenance schedule to ensure the best images possible.
Our prices accurately reflect the amount of time, care, and attention we spend with each client. The end result: superior images and photo products that remain fine-art family heirlooms for decades.

How many pictures will we receive?

For 8 hours of coverage on your wedding, you will receive between 400 to 600 fully edited images.

The number of images varies so greatly due to the variances in events taking place within each specific wedding. Also, if your wedding day requires more breaks to account for travel from the site you're getting ready, to the ceremony location, and then again to the venue, less time will be attributed to photos, thus reducing the total number you'll receive.

If you add a second photographer to your wedding package, your total number will go up approximately 25-40 images per hour they are there.

Additionally, it is important to note that the quantity of your images is based on the quality of those images. We always choose quality rather than being concerned merely with quantity. By selecting only the best and most significant photos to tell your story, you won't be left sifting through countless "filler" images.

When will we receive our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within maximum 10 weeks ( usually sooner depending on the season I photograph your story).

You can download all the photos from your gallery link, share them, choose your favorites, and also order prints!

Can I edit the images myself?

We are a full-service photography studio, providing custom artwork to our clients.

We do not consider un-edited images to be a deliverable product. The material that comes straight out of the camera is unfinished, and we work for hours to take each image from this raw state to a client-worthy art piece.

The un-edited images are only a part of our process, and we cannot release our work until we are satisfied with it.

Our method of editing images is a large part of what makes our style unique, and we would not have the clients or reputation we do without it.

Editing isn’t simply a matter of playing around with software - it’s a special artistic process that we’ve developed over many years.

Will you price match?

The service we provide is completely unique, based on years of experience and hard work to develop our own style of photography and client care.

We do not consider our work to be comparable to any other photographer - and vice versa - for the simple reason that it is custom art.

Our pricing is determined based on our extensive experience, quality of images, superior level of attention we provide to clients, and demand for our time. As such, we cannot price-match based on what others are charging.

We are always happy to accommodate a range of budgets and payment options to make your dreams become a reality. We would love to meet with you in-person and see what possibilities we can come up with!