Fishing the Storm

As a hurricane hits the coast of Kaui, a local fisherman takes position on the edge of a cliff to cast his line into the raging waters. The rough edges of the cliff, and violent waves crashing in, provide a gorgeous textured look to the image. The edge of the cliff also bares a striking resemblance to a human face. Weathered and beat by a lifetime of ocean abuse.

Black and white print of fisherman standing on cliff during a hurricane as waves crash beneath him


After a hurricane passed the Hawaiian island of Kauai, I took flight in a door-less helicopter, hung out the side of it, and took this beautiful image. The Pacific ocean and storm clouds can be seen in the distance. Along with the mountain ridge, it brings a great sense of earth, wind, and water.

Cliff side on black and white with ocean and clouds in backdrop


Multiple layers of mountain ridges meet the Pacific waters below as crashing layers of waves move towards the shore. The moment was so serene, I almost refrained from taking any images as I stood there simply enjoying the moment.

Forest Pyramid

Appearing through the misty fog somewhere over the mountains of Kauai, this pyramid shaped peak, covered in lush forest, appeared as though I had arrived at the gates of Kong.

Wailua Falls

Near the town of Lihue, on the Island of Kauai, the Wailua river splits, then continues to create the Wailua Falls where the water falls 173 feet into the serene pool below.


In the early morning the sun was making its way across this small canyon, giving light to the jagged ridges, and creating an array of alluring, yet eerie, shadows.

World Above

Taking a journey from Coachella Valley to the top of San Jacinto Peak is inspiring. The view seems to go on forever, revealing the gorgeous, primitive terrain.