Discover how to better access your camera’s true capabilities, and make your photos stand out by turning your artistic visions into beautifully produced images.

Pricing: 3 hour $100 per person.
Please contact us for group discount pricing, or to schedule a class. – 619.804.3427


Photography 101 covers the following:

  • How to predict lighting and color issues before they occur.
  • Understand how to use your cameras embedded lighting meter to determine the appropriate settings for successful exposure.
  • Moving away from the “Auto” setting (using the Auto setting is a major cause of over and underexposure problems), by properly evaluating each scene.
  • Making sense of all the options available in your camera, including ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture settings.
  • Learn to use your camera’s playback preview function to help problem solve your photo settings.
  • Gain brief historical insight of photography to better understand how photographs are made; allowing you to create better images.
  • Learn a little about film photography to appreciate and understand your DSLR and all its capabilities.
  • Learn to use tripods for long exposures and landscapes.
  • Composition rules, and breaking them.

Since this will be a hands-on class, everyone will need their own DSLR camera. We will be using our cameras consistently throughout the course, taking images and evaluating them along the way. It is important to also make sure that you bring a backup battery if you have one since we will be using the cameras preview function quite a bit.

Following the class, you will be provided with a Dropbox link where you can upload your raw images if you would like further feedback and suggestions on possible ways to improve the image in the editing process. You’ll also receive an educational “refresher” packet with information pertaining to the course and materials learned.