Meet Jay – Photographer & Editor

Weddings are just magical. There is so much detail that goes into everything during a wedding. As a photographer, I can’t get enough. Beyond the details, there is the energy. It’s phenomenal. Being there to capture something so visually stunning, emotionally charged, and joyful, is an absolute pleasure. As a photographer who loves capturing distinctive details, poses, expressions, and emotion, I’m always excited to shoot a new wedding. Every wedding is different, and so is everyone there! So it’s never monotonous, and always unique. Meeting the bride and groom is equally exciting, every single time! They’re royalty for the day, and I do all I can to express that importance.

About My Style.

My taste and style comes from the many years I spent as an art museum junkie in NYC. Specifically, it was the time spent at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or “MET” as it’s better known to the locals, which inspired me to go out and get creative. The unbelievable colors and contrasts of Romanticism painter, J.M.W. Turner, and the outstanding naturalism of form and detail in the sculptures of the great, Gian Lorenzo Bernini set in motion the artistic imagination and passion I incorporate in my work.

Weddings are spectacular events that are larger than life. So it’s extremely important to me that the bride and groom get to remember that amazing day with images that not only show off those special moments, but that they can be proud of for years to come. When shooting weddings, I love to mix pieces of Fashion Photography, with Fine Art Photography to show off the bride and groom in dynamic and dramatic ways. I love using natural light with strobe lighting to create something unique and beyond the everyday.


Connecting With Clients.

Whether working with the bride and groom, family, or guests, I like to maintain a happy and relaxed attitude. I love using cheerful verbal cues to get people to smile and begin to loosen up. I really like capturing spontaneous moments that happen before and after the main shot. So keeping everyone relaxed and making sure they know it’s okay to be themselves is really important to me.

Jay Resh

Photographer, editor, and writer.