How to Keep Your Wedding Dress Stain Free

Tips on how to keep your wedding dress stain free

Most wedding dresses share a similar trait, they’re easy to stain. Here are a few things you can do to help keep your wedding dress stain free.

Bustle Up the Train

If your wedding dress has a train, it should be fitted with a bustle that will allow the extra fabric to be buttoned behind the dress after the ceremony. This will help keep your wedding dress safe from picking up debris, mud, soil, dirt, or anything else that could stain the bottom of the it. It’ll also help you move better on the dance floor, as well as help keep others from dancing on the bottom of it. Be warned though that bustles don’t always hold in place, and can sometimes break. Keeping large white safety pins on hand is a great idea since you can add additional support to the bustle before they have a chance to snap.

There are also trains that completely detach from the dress, so if you don’t like the idea of a bustle, this may be the option for you.

Utilize Your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are great assistants, and each should be given a job or two during the wedding to help make your day go by more efficiently. Selecting a specific bridesmaid who knows it’s her job to make sure your wedding dress looks its best throughout the day is a great idea. Keeping the train off the ground as you walk, adjusting it during pictures, bustling up the dress (depending on the dress, this can take some practice), and steaming it prior to you putting it on, are all tasks your bridesmaid can do to help keep your dress looking its best.

Bridal Petticoat (Underskirt)

Bridal petticoats are worn beneath your wedding dress in order to apply a bit of volume to your dress. This volume can help lift the bottom of the dress from the floor, as well as help keep you from stepping all over your dress as you walk. Since these underskirts are quite inexpensive relative to your wedding dress, having them take on whatever dirt may lay in your way is much better than the alternative.

Scotchguard the Bottom of the Wedding Dress

I don’t suggest doing this yourself since you can accidentally discolor your gown, but there are many cleaners that can Scotchguard the bottom of your wedding dress to protect it from permanent stains. I suggest doing a quick internet search for local businesses that offer this service. This might also be something offered by the shop that sold you your gown, so it doesn’t hurt to ask if they do, or if they recommend a place that does.

Jay Resh

Photographer, editor, and writer.