How to get the best prints for your money.

Upon receiving your high-resolution image files from us, you will also receive a list of recommended sites to have your images printed, along with instructions on how to get the best quality from your images. One of our favorite places to get prints is They have an amazing assortment of options for you to choose from, and the quality of their prints is simply fantastic. You’ll also find their site easy to navigate and use. We will also always be available to help walk you through the process either over the phone in person or via email.

The same process can be done for your wedding books. We have found that most typically like to save and take it upon themselves to piece their own books together considering the improved ease of doing so online, and the reduction in cost. Where a typical book might cost anywhere between $750-$1,500 if pieced together by a professional, doing it yourself, those same books can run between $250 and $500. Though we would be more than happy to go ahead and put a book together for you if you do request.

Jay Resh

Photographer, editor, and writer.